Gods and Domains

Aasterinian the Messenger ©: Goddess of Pleasure, Invention and Learning. Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Dragon (Scalykind), Luck, Travel, Trickery. Holy Symbol: grinning dragon’s head. Favored Weapon: Firearm (any).

Astilabor the Acquisitor: Goddess of Wealth, Acquisition, and Status. Domains: Metal (Earth), Cave (Earth), Nobility, Dragon (Scalykind), Protection, and Trade (Travel). Holy symbol: Faceted black gem. Favored Weapon: Longspear.

Bahamut the Lord of the North Wing (LG): God of wind, wisdom, and protection. Domains: Air, Dragon (Scalykind), Good, Luck, Protection, Nobility, and Storms (Weather). Holy Symbol: Five pointed star on a starry background. Favored Weapon: Warhammer.

Chronepsis, the Silent Watcher: God of Death and Time. Domains Death, Dragon (Scalykind), Knowledge, Fate (Luck). Symbol: Unblinking Eye, Favored Weapon: Scythe.

Falazure the Nightlord (E): God of decay and undeath. Domains: Death, Dragon (Scalykind), Evil, Darkness, and Void. Symbol: Dragon’s skull. Favored Weapon: Falchion.

Garyx the World-Cleanser ©: God of Destruction and Renewal. Domains: Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Dragon (Scalykind), Earth, Fire, Plant, Water, and Wind. Symbol: Flaming Eye. Favored Weapon: Sickle.

Hlal the Keeper of Tales (CG): Goddess of humor, storytelling, and music. Domains: Chaos, Dragon (Scalykind), Good, Trickery, and Rune. Holy symbol: Open Book. Favored Weapon: Short Sword.

Io the Ninefold Creator: God of creation. Domains: Dragon (Scalykind), Knowledge, Magic, Strength, and Travel. Favored symbol: Multicolored orb. Favored Weapon: Scimitar.

Lendys the Balancer (L): Goddess of Justice. Domains: Destruction, Dragon (Scalykind), Glory, Law, and Protection. Favored symbol: longsword balanced on the point of a needle. Favored weapon: Longsword.

Sardior the Perfect: God of physical and mental perfection. Domains: Knowledge, Psionics, Psychic, Scalykinds, and Trickery. Holy Symbol: a glowing ruby. Favored weapon: Kama

Tamara the Merciful (G): Goddess of healing and mercy. Domains: Community, Dragon (Scalykind), Good, Healing, Strength, and Sun. Holy Symbol: Seven-pointed star. Favored weapon: Starknife.

Tiamat the Conquerer (LE): Goddess of conquest and order. Domains: Destruction, Scalykind, Evil, Strength, Law, and War. Symbol: five Headed Dragon. Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick.

Gods and Domains

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